Latest episodes:

Episode 104: Building MacBooks in the desert

This week, Greg removes the metal plates from his shoulder, retiring from his cyborg gig. Also, we talked the future of cyborg humanity, iOS 13 beta 3 take 2.

We also talk the new MacBook refresh, using the iPad Pro instead of a mobile computing, iPad plus external displays, the 10.2" iPad rumours, Face ID, and Sony.

Episode 103: I can't control myself

Greg and Nati talk about read receipts in messaging apps, FOMO and "quick reply" anxiety in the context of real interaction vs virtual interactions. We also talk about people moving the responsibility of using tech devices to the manufacturers.

In addition, iOS 13 beta 3, using an iPad Pro with a keyboard, why did Apple move to the butterfly mechanism, and what will "Desktop class browser" do the iPads apps.

Episode 102: The glue product manager

Greg doesn’t give a shit that Jony Ive has left Apple, so Nati tries to bore him with discussing Ive’s departure.

We also talk about English weather, Apple management, Huawei's Android issues, being a product manager and what the hell is the difference between UI and UX.

Episode 101: A dodgy software known as iPadOS with Special Guest Andy Nicolaides 

Andy joins us via an iPad mini to talk about iOS 13 beta 2 experiences,  3D Touch going away on iPhone rumours, Apple iOS 13 sherlocking, using the new Reminders app, and Apple Watch independence paths.

Also, we touched on the subject of Google exiting the tablet market.

Episode 100: That's what it's all about - Gizmos!

Summer is here! Which means that Greg and Nati crappy iOS 13 beta 1 bugs, hot weather and Shortcuts.

Also, we talked about Huawei delaying the Mate X, and building their own OS, mapping services and HomeKit.