Latest episodes:

Episode 53: Beaten up by a 6 year old with special guest Daryl Baxter

Daryl Baxter joins us again, to tell how it's going with the Outpost podcast as Nati tricks Daryl and Greg to talk about the iPad instead of Google. We also talk about the iPhone SE rumors, computing and biometrics and what the heck is going on with Twitter and 3rd party clients.


Episode 52: I have one of those Floaty APKs with Special Guest Matt Birchler

Matt Birchler joins us to talk about "Micro Podcasts", and dive into Google I/O talking about: How good has Google Assistant became, what are the social implications? surprisingly Assistant still takes some cues from Siri, can we trust Google News, Nati's favorite: Android P, and more.


Episode 51: I'll have a number 2 & 200GB of iCloud storage

Nati moves into his house which marks a year of making BYOD Podcast! For the anniversary Greg and Nati talk about what they have learned during the last year, a bit about their recording equipment, and what have changed about their view about Apple.

Also we talk about some interesting tidbits from Apple's earning call, and how do we feel about Apple's exit from the router market (hint, we don't care). 


Episode 50: I was definitely not asleep with special guest Timothy Buck

Timothy Buck joins Nati to discuss about product management and companies incentives. Also, we discuss about Apple's iPhone strategy and how the iPhone SE and the iPhone X impact it, as gateways to Apple's ecosystem and the overall direction of the iPhone line going forward.

In addition, Timothy gives his opinion about the place of the Mac in Apple's product line.


Episode 49: Let's throw an AppStore on it with special guest Ben Basche

Ben Basche joins us with a eulogy for his lost iPad Pro, as we talk about leaks and Apple's culture of secrecy through the lens of story-telling. We also dive into Apple's latest struggles with software quality,  the value of the company's services and the power of ecosystems and how they evolve from the DNA of a company.