Latest episodes:

Episode 75: What's a professional?

Nati tells Greg about his weird dream about being late to recording, and also how he enjoyed Maniac on Netflix. Greg, which was late to recording the podcast, gets his personal podcast on iTunes.

We also talk about the new iPad Pro, as Greg gives his thoughts about the future of computing, whether the iPad still falls between the Notebook and the smartphone, and his worries that Apple will over-complicate the iPad.

In addition, Nati explains to Greg why Apple will stop revealing unit sales and how it actually makes sense

Episode 74: A Batman Sport Loop

Nati got an Apple Watch Series 4 but there's a catch... & Greg is recovering from his shoulder surgery.

But it doesn't stop us from discussing all of the new things (well the things that interest us) that Apple introduced at their 2nd Autumn keynote. So we talked about MacBook Air and how it fits in Apple's confusing laptop line, the new cool iPads and how everything is more expensive.

Episode 73: Make the iPhone black again

MKBHD's performance at the Joe Rogan show kickstarts our thoughts about YouTuber personas and YouTube clickbait. Also, due to Greg's upcoming surgery, Nati reflects about his OR experiences. 

Then we dive into iPhone X🅁, as the reviews are out towards its launch which triggers a mini-rant over camera comparisons. In addition, Nati is excited about the option for a new iPad Mini which could be coming as early as next week.

Episode 72: Hide and seek user interface

Nati is podcasting from his shadeless office absorbing the morning sun, while Greg sits in an overly illuminated office which is out of his iPhone XS control.

But all of this doesn’t stop us from talking about Google’s decision to start charging Android manufacturers for using the Play Store and bundled apps in the EU, Speculate about the performance of the iPhone XR (which Nati can’t stop calling ex - ar) sale performance as the device’s pre-orders begin, and ding into the rumour mill about the new iPad Pro devices, as Apple finally sends invitations to a 2nd fall event.

In addition, we followed-up on the Apple vs Bloomberg, Chinese spy story, and the Google Pixel 3 screen corner radius which is being adjusted via software.

Episode 71: Jony Ive would just die if he'd see it 🤦‍♂️

This week we talked about Google's Hardware event in which they unveiled the Pixel: Phone and slate and also the Google Home Hub.

We went diving into Google's strategy with the Pixel phones, how come they are not given for free, the move from a commodity Nexus device into a Pixel premium device, why the Pixel devices don't matter,  and why giving users the option to hide the (HUGE) notch is a non-design choice.

Also, we discussed about Android's failure outside of the smartphone market which brings Google to push Chrome OS on PC's and tablets, why there is no cellular option for the Pixel Slate, the baffling configuration options, the camera-less Google Home Hub, and will Apple also showcase a home device with a screen.