Ben Basche

A product manager, strategist and writer at benbasche.com


Daryl Baxter

Freelance Writer in Games & Tech. Runs the Outpost at darylbaxter.com



Matt Birchler

Writes and talks about technology, video games, and productivity at birchtree.me

Also has a nice weather app forecast-app.com


Timothy Buck

Writes about technology and personal development at timothybuck.me.

Podcasts at Unco.fm and Accessible.fm


George Chachanidze

The founder and creator of the Snappy-Tech media conglomerate.

Into technology, motor racing, and anything that doesn't require interaction with other people.


Matteo Doni

Geek at heart, Linux, Android & FOSS tinkerer. Test Engineer.

Writes at techtravelgeeks.com

Russel Holly.jpg

Russel Holly

Father, Author, Managing Editor of PlayStation, Nintendo, VR/AR/MR, and various other shiny things @androidcentral, @iMore, and @windowscentral He/Him


Lee Peterson AKA LJPUK

Has over 15 years of experience working in the software industry (development, management and consultancy), blogging, freelance writing, podcasting, recording guitar and an aspiring photographer.

Podcasts at iOS only and writes at LJPUK

Christopher Lawley.jpg

Christopher Lawley

Videos and blog on @UntitledSite, podcast on @ASlabofGlass, drinks snobby beers, and puts [Pineapples] on [Pizza].


Andy Nicolaides

Outside of his day job, I’m also a dad, a husband, a blogger, a podcaster and a keen ‘iPhoneographer’.

Writes at The Dent



Guilherme (Gui) Rambo

An iOS and Mac developer that solves Apple's mysteries. Writes at 9to5mac.com.

Podcasts at stacktracepodcast.fm and iPhreaks