Episode 84: Deny all existence with special guest Lee

This week we dragged our special guest Lee Peterson into follow-up-land, but not before we talk about some podcasting networks, and Lee's bad luck with Apple products, while Nati reminds Greg and Lee that at least they have proper Apple Stores with good services.

Nati ponders about the  TV and will it go away, now that AirPlay 2, HomeKit and iTunes are on 3rd party Smart TVs. In addition, we follow-up on the Battery replacement program and how it seems to have affected iPhone upgrades outside of China in addition to the stagnating smartphone market.

And for last we talked a bit about the new Smart Battery cases and will the AirPower be attractive enough if it will actually ship. 

Special Guest: Lee Peterson



  • Lee has had similar problems to Nati with replacing devices - iPad and Apple Watch 

  • More thoughts on Apple’s TV deals

    • Will the  TV go away?

    • What does that say about the HomePod?

  • Apple replaced 11m batteries last year