Episode 56: Even My Dog Doesn’t Know He’s A Dog

A trippy start to the show discusses our intent to move to FaceTime, names, and logos of products and brands, and what would have happened if Apple kept its original logo, and what if Apple's next endeavor is cyders.

We jump to talk about Nati's trip to the UK for a Facebook developer summit and dive into platforms, AI and ML, and the way that education is transforming in the age of information.
Then, we talk about the Mac and the iPad - should or could they get updated more often, and why there is a place for both devices.

Follow Up

You’re going to Facebook!

  • Facebook and platforms
  • ML/ AI and education


  • Where are the new Macs?
    • Have class action suits caused issues with improvements
    • an’t admit a fault or start a recall if there is nothing to offer as a replacement
    • What could they do to improve the keyboard?
  • Do we need new iPads every year?
    • Most improvements are software
    • Current chip is ridiculously powerful
    • What do you think about the iPad becoming more Mac?