Episode 26: On a scale of one to X

Greg shares his initial thoughts about the iPhone X, and his overall experience from the Apple Store pick up, unboxing to the device itself.

We also talk about the device itself, where the iPhone line might be heading, and how it effects the competition.

iPhone X

  • Collection experience
  • Unboxing
    • nothing special, I expected a little bit more but I’m not sure what
  • Look and feel
    • heavier than I thought
    • Looks amazing
    • Fingerprints all over in seconds!
    • so many people asked me about it Friday night it was crazy
    • Lots of interest
    • Most people I spoke to wanted the phone but it was too expensive or out of stock
  • Samsung's anti-iPhone X ad
  • Using the new form factor
  • Camera
    • Honestly, I’m a little disappointed
    • focus takes a long time
    • OIS on the zoom lens doesn’t make much of a difference in my opinion.