Episode 18: A headphone jack for a bitcoin with special guest Ben Basche

This week we have a special guest - Ben Basche - which joins us in discussing about the Apple's TV messy strategy, Android Oreo's launch and how it reflects about Google's Android strategy and relationships with Android OEMs. Also we talk about Essential and where it fits, iOS 11 beta 7 and how the iOS UI is evolving, iPhone 8's pricing - the value of the smartphone - and who did it first. And we finish with the app subscription models through the Ulysses blunder, and ARKit in a future where Apple makes glasses/ facial wearables.

Special Guest: Ben Basche


  • HTC is kinda for sell
    • Googel's Android/ mobile AI strategy
    • What is the USP of the Pixel phone
    • Pixel is a rebranded Nexus