Episode 62: I just like shiny new stuff with special guest Russell Holly

Greg decides to do a proper podcast introduction for our special guest: Russell Holly, who joins us to talk about things he is interested about, multi-platform usage, how the Apple Watch changed his life in the last 3 years and the magic of the 3 ring system.

We also talk about the MacBook Pro throttle-gate controversy, The EU's fine against Android, and what is the deal with project Fuchsia

Special Guest: Russel Holly


Follow Up


Episode 61: The buzzword group

Greg complains about Carphone Warehouse that stole his money before we compare summer conditions in Israel and the UK.

We tried to find some positive things with the new MacBook Pros - a solid upgrade - that continues the controversies around the MacBook Pro line, and how messy is Apple's entire laptop line.

In addition, we talked about the iPhone line front glass leaks,  John Giannandrea taking over Apple's AI/ML and Siri teams as the last Siri co-founder leaves Apple, and Huawei's ambitions to become the world's 2nd biggest smartphone manufacturer.

Episode 60: The least bezeli phone with special guest Matteo Doni

We are joined by Matteo Doni who takes us through a trip of some obscure Android devices, as we talk about what is going on in the Android ecosystem of manufacturers and brands.

In addition, we touch on the iPhone SE and the 4" form factor, the rumors of the bezel-less iPad Pros, and the new MacBook Pros.

Special Guest: Matteo Doni


  • A bezel-less iPad Pro

Episode 59: Bixby is jinxed

We start with a disciplinary hearing, as Nati has escaped (again...) from the jaws of being fired, by confusing Greg with silliness.

We also talk shortly about the state of the iOS/watchOS/macOS betas, before discussing some of the upcoming iOS device lineup rumors.

Other topics are about Microsoft's foldable Surface device, will foldable devices become the mobile end-goal?, and Apple overhauling their Maps infrastructure.

Episode 58: Darth Vader Can't Play Cricket

After some issues, we start the podcast talking about the Fifa world cup and sports in general and somehow end up in Star Wars territory.

Then we pivot into the 2019 iPhone line and the odd 6.1" iPhone, before moving to discuss Apple Watch bands, the fact that Apple acknowledged the issues in the MacBook keyboards and the interesting 2019 audio line that Apple is rumored to unveil.

Episode 57: Not everyone had the dark theme memo

We talk about Nati's visit to London, and to the Facebook developer game summit. Nati also bought a HomePod so of course, we have to talk about it...

In addition, we talk about USB-C on iPhones, USB-C as a whole and wireless charging. Also, new Watches, Apple's recent habit of announcing products too soon, and some iOS/watchOS/ macOS beta experience.


Follow Up

  • Nati's London trip
    • Cellular connection in London
    • iPhone + Apple Watch + AirPods = navigation magic
    • Facebooks game platform strategy
  • Nati bought a HomePod!


Episode 56: Even My Dog Doesn’t Know He’s A Dog

A trippy start to the show discusses our intent to move to FaceTime, names, and logos of products and brands, and what would have happened if Apple kept its original logo, and what if Apple's next endeavor is cyders.

We jump to talk about Nati's trip to the UK for a Facebook developer summit and dive into platforms, AI and ML, and the way that education is transforming in the age of information.
Then, we talk about the Mac and the iPad - should or could they get updated more often, and why there is a place for both devices.

Follow Up

You’re going to Facebook!

  • Facebook and platforms
  • ML/ AI and education


  • Where are the new Macs?
    • Have class action suits caused issues with improvements
    • an’t admit a fault or start a recall if there is nothing to offer as a replacement
    • What could they do to improve the keyboard?
  • Do we need new iPads every year?
    • Most improvements are software
    • Current chip is ridiculously powerful
    • What do you think about the iPad becoming more Mac?

Episode 55: I was expecting and one more thing: iOS dark mode

The WWDC show!
Greg and Nati talk about the subjects they cared about from the WWDC keynote and announcements. 



Episode 54: A reality slap to the face

Greg gives a few hints about a secretive new job interview, just before we announce that we WON'T GIVE ANY WWDC PREDICTIONS. However, each shares something he wants to see, and a wild thing that won't happen.

We also talk a bit about GDPR, what a massive headache it is, and why most companies are not GDPR compliant. In addition, we talk a bit about the Apple Watch, Essential's rumored demise and the rumors about the 2019 iPhone line screen tech.

Episode 53: Beaten up by a 6 year old with special guest Daryl Baxter

Daryl Baxter joins us again, to tell how it's going with the Outpost podcast as Nati tricks Daryl and Greg to talk about the iPad instead of Google. We also talk about the iPhone SE rumors, computing and biometrics and what the heck is going on with Twitter and 3rd party clients.

Special Guest: Daryl Baxter

Follow Up


Episode 52: I have one of those Floaty APKs with Special Guest Matt Birchler

Matt Birchler joins us to talk about "Micro Podcasts", and dive into Google I/O talking about: How good has Google Assistant became, what are the social implications? surprisingly Assistant still takes some cues from Siri, can we trust Google News, Nati's favorite: Android P, and more.

Special Guest: Matt Birchler


Follow Up

  • Nati’s upload speed is sooooo fast!


  • Micro Podcasts
  • Google I/O
    • Assistant 
      • Google Assistant gets improved voices - Just like Siri…
      • Assistant just gets better (continuous conversation and multiple actions) - Not like Siri…
      • Pretty Please… WDYT Dad?
      • Assistant in Google Maps - Just like Siri?
      • Google Duplex🧐
    • Google News
      • What’s with the sudden interest with text content by Apple and Google?
      • Why should we trust them to serve us the news?
    • Android P
      • Intelligence
        • Adaptive battery - Project Volta V2
        • Adaptive brightness
        • App actions - deep linking + Slices
        • ML Kit - CoreML copycat
      • Simplicity
        • Swipe up for the multitasking - iPhone X UI clone
        • Scrub through apps - Clone #2
        • On-demand rotation button
      • Digital wellbeing
        • JOLO
        • Device dashboard
        • Auto DND
        • Wind down mode - greyscale + DND on a specific time?
      • Kind of a public beta
      • Yawn 😴
    • Maps
    • Google Lens is mighty impressive

Episode 51: I'll have a number 2 & 200GB of iCloud storage

Nati moves into his house which marks a year of making BYOD Podcast! For the anniversary Greg and Nati talk about what they have learned during the last year, a bit about their recording equipment, and what have changed about their view about Apple.

Also we talk about some interesting tidbits from Apple's earning call, and how do we feel about Apple's exit from the router market (hint, we don't care). 

Follow Up

  • Nati finally finished building (not by himself of course) his house! 😊 🎉


  • Our one year anniversary 🎉
    • What we have learned during a year of podcasting
    • Some surprise guests that congratulate us 🙌
  • A general talk about Apples earnings
    • Why people care so much? 🤷‍♂️
    • Some interesting points:
      • Apple’s wearables section is growing
      • Small reference to the iPhone 5c’s performance
      • iPhone X is popular
      • Services grew (again) and Apple directly talked about iCloud storage
      • Health is an intense area of interest...
      • The crud surrounding dead iPhone X

Episode 50: I was definitely not asleep with special guest Timothy Buck

Timothy Buck joins Nati to discuss about product management and companies incentives. Also, we discuss about Apple's iPhone strategy and how the iPhone SE and the iPhone X impact it, as gateways to Apple's ecosystem and the overall direction of the iPhone line going forward.

In addition, Timothy gives his opinion about the place of the Mac in Apple's product line.

Special Guest: Timothy Buc


  • Greg Morris - @GR36 (Was actually off to save the world)
  • Nati Shochat - @natisho




Episode 49: Let's throw an AppStore on it with special guest Ben Basche

Ben Basche joins us with a eulogy for his lost iPad Pro, as we talk about leaks and Apple's culture of secrecy through the lens of story-telling. We also dive into Apple's latest struggles with software quality,  the value of the company's services and the power of ecosystems and how they evolve from the DNA of a company.

Special Guest: Ben Basche




Episode 48: One mile selfie stick

Nati is trying to teach his dog to do the dishes, without success and Greg is doing some microphone acrobatics, as we talk about iTunes not being killed, why every change Twitter is doing gets so much criticism, (PRODUCT)RED iPhones, and smartphones getting an increasing amount of multiple camera lenses.
Also, we talk about Android manufacturers lying about security updates.

Episode 47: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

We play with the idea of AI taking over pro applications, just before we discuss Apple’s recent push in AI with new key hirings, and when will these moves bear user-focused fruits. Also, we try to understand Apple’s latest iOS development schedule as WWDC is around the corner, whether Apple’s Mac Pro announcement timing is good or not, the rumors about Apple going the ARM way with the Macs by 2020, and what the heck is going on with developers and Watch apps.

Episode 46: An Apple Pencil for scale

Greg is messing with his setup just before the show (again). But that doesn’t stop us from discussing the Apple education event which was boring because of us, and the story Apple tried to tell and how the Pencil fits in. We also talk about event storytelling, and whether Apple’s efforts will help them to regain the education market. We ramble for a while about Apple Watch bands before going into Facebook’s shady privacy policies, how will the China-US relationship affect Foxconn acquisition of Belkin and what would you do with a 512GB smartphone.  

Episode 45: Two devices we are not supposed to like

We ranked our favorite Apple products from the last 5 years, which seems to be a bit controversial. Also, we talk about Apple doubling down on owning the core tech of their devices, and how Chinese Android vendors are trying very hard to showcase advanced tech, but eventually go with the heard. 

Follow Up


Episode 44: Two personal assistants walk into a bar with special guest Guilherme Rambo

Gui (AKA Mr. Rambo) returns and pushes his luck again about his MacBook Pro's keyboard, and revealed that Apple has a special way to calibrate 3D Touch on iPhone screens. Also, Greg and Gui talk about the HomePod experience and AirPlay bugs, which takes us discussing Siri - as a failed software project.

In addition, we talk about Apple's next events: WWDC and the education March event, and Nati exploads about Apple's review process, as Gui helps with some "App Review therapy".

Special Guest: Guilherme Rambo

Follow Up


Episode 43: 4 fifths of a retina

We start with a non-follow-up (not on the list) about the Galaxy S9 and Samsung fans, bringing positivity to the world (via neural hacking), before diving about new iPad rumors, a cheaper MacBook Air  and Watch apps.

Follow Up