Episode 28: It looks like this turkey is taking a selfie

We talk about Greg’s new Dutch 27” iMac 5k and why IKEA is so awesome, and continue about Qualcomm rejecting Broadcom’s acquisition offer, and the reality that most people don’t give a damn about internet speeds.

Then we dive into some more thoughts about the iPhone X, while shipping time improves before the 2nd launch wave which includes Israel. Discuss the improved wireless charging iOS 11.2 brings among other stuff and give our opinions about the 2018 iPhone line rumors.

Episode 27: The most amount of bezels possible with special guest Matt Birchler

This week we have a special guest - Matt Birchler, which joins us to talk about the his impressions of the Pixel 2 - Matt’s annual Android experiment, the experience of  using an Android device with an Apple Watch, and the Pixel 2’s shortages that come up only when using the device (hint: the camera).

Also, we continue with the world’s longest follow-up about Qualcomm and talk about the iPhone X, and the Watch Series 3.

Special Guest: Matt Birchler


Follow up


  • iPhone X
    • Developing for iPhone X - how long do we think it will take for apps to update. 
    • Now easy was it to update Today’s Forecast?

Episode 26: On a scale of one to X

Greg shares his initial thoughts about the iPhone X, and his overall experience from the Apple Store pick up, unboxing to the device itself.

We also talk about the device itself, where the iPhone line might be heading, and how it effects the competition.

iPhone X

  • Collection experience
  • Unboxing
    • nothing special, I expected a little bit more but I’m not sure what
  • Look and feel
    • heavier than I thought
    • Looks amazing
    • Fingerprints all over in seconds!
    • so many people asked me about it Friday night it was crazy
    • Lots of interest
    • Most people I spoke to wanted the phone but it was too expensive or out of stock
  • Samsung's anti-iPhone X ad
  • Using the new form factor
  • Camera
    • Honestly, I’m a little disappointed
    • focus takes a long time
    • OIS on the zoom lens doesn’t make much of a difference in my opinion.

Episode 25: Thank god there are two of them (AirPods)

 iPhone X is about to arrive, so we talk about the early hands-on and why Apple's PR change with "Youtubers you never heard of" was a great move, instead of doing the same thing with the "traditional" tech review scene, and in general how reviews are being mostly consumed today. We also touch about Touch ID's tech, Apple's supply channel in regards to Samsung and Qualcomm. Also, we had a live quarterly earning information for Apple's amazing Q4 2016 results.

Episode 24: Let’s do a squeazy phone instead

Nati shares his amazement about Watch Series 3 speed and somehow gets Greg into an experiment with Watch orientation.

We continue with Google's hardware hurdles with the Pixel 2 and Home mini devices, and share our thoughts about the fate of Essential before diving into MacBook keyboard issues and Apple's bad Mac decisions in recent years. 

Finally, we conclude with iPhone X thoughts, pre-orders, and supply that might not be as tight as we all think.

Episode 23: Have a strong word with yourself

Nati shares his great FaceTime experience,  which pulls us to rant about the state of Twitter, and why Greg lost his motivation to talk about tech.

Then we follow-up on Apple Watch series 3, weekly iOS 11 releases for bug fixes, and the all of the Emoji that iOS 11.1 will bring. The main course is the Made By (Rick Osterloh) Google event and all of the new hardware Google showed on stage.


Follow up


Episode 21: Hashtag embrace the notch

We managed to overcome personal family health issues, and Jewish holidays to record this episode, in which Greg reveals his Apple purchases which bring him one step closer to his Tim Cook badge.

Also, we discuss Apple's silicon power with the A11 Bionic, The iPhone X's notch iconic meaning, the iPhone 8/Plus reviews and who are those devices for, and we finish off with Google acqui-hiring HTC's 2000 engineers.

Episode 20: It’s Eddy Cue, he might be on drugs

Now that the iPhone event is past us, we talk about the leaks leading to the event and break down the event's interesting (for us) topics and themes in our iPhone event Bingo kind of way.

We also share our opinions about the products, and whether or not we will get them, and why.

Episode 19: You’ve triggered Cortana!

It's now only a week away from the iPhone event. Nathan is excited, but Greg has had enough of the leaks. We talk about the heating up assistant wars, and its effect on Android OEMs as well as Apple moving Siri to a new leader.

Most exciting of all, we start iPhone event Bingo - making the most outlandish predictions for the launch event as we can. Join along at home and see if you win!

Episode 18: A headphone jack for a bitcoin with special guest Ben Basche

This week we have a special guest - Ben Basche - which joins us in discussing about the Apple's TV messy strategy, Android Oreo's launch and how it reflects about Google's Android strategy and relationships with Android OEMs. Also we talk about Essential and where it fits, iOS 11 beta 7 and how the iOS UI is evolving, iPhone 8's pricing - the value of the smartphone - and who did it first. And we finish with the app subscription models through the Ulysses blunder, and ARKit in a future where Apple makes glasses/ facial wearables.

Special Guest: Ben Basche


  • HTC is kinda for sell
    • Googel's Android/ mobile AI strategy
    • What is the USP of the Pixel phone
    • Pixel is a rebranded Nexus

Episode 17: I do not care about icons

This week we discover that Greg has more stickers than Nati does and that's a shame that MacOS messages doesn't have stickers. Then we follow-up on How the firmware gods are preventing Greg from installing the latest watchOS beta, the LTE Apple Watch rumors, and the interactive Home button that the iPhone 8/Pro could have. Also we discuss the new iOS 11 betas and icons, question whether the iPhone SE won't be a one-off and give our 2 dime thoughts about Apple's content endeavors and why it might be a push in the wrong direction.

16: You don’t sound like an Air, You sound like a Pro

We talked about Nati's new MacBook Pro (Escape) configuration choice and Greg's new Beats Solo 3's and why the W1 chip is a breakthrough technology. We continued with more information discovered in the HomePod firmware: A cellular Apple Watch (Bloomberg is falling behind in Apple news, integrated SIM or an Apple SIM?) A 4K Apple TV (What is a TV these day?) and the iPhone 8/X/Pro's rumored colors (plus a short Greg rant about leaks & prototype) and new fancy camera tech. Finally we talked about OLED and how Apple is pushing the industry (mainly LG) from LCD to OLED.

14: An Octopus hints at 8

Greg celebrates our first guest - Daryl Baxter - with some new podcasting equipment which somewhat backfires, discussing the HUGE notifications improvements on iOS 11 beta 4, and Daryl's overall iOS 11 impressions as a huge supporter of ‘working’ on the iPad. Also we talk about the Rock and Siri advertisement-movie, Android O beta 4, MS Paint's non-dying and the sad state of iPhone 8 "Exclusive" click bait leaks. 

13: Emoji Subscription

Nati rants about conductive charging being called wireless, and Greg rants about the state of iOS 11's notifications (again). We continue with software and subscriptions, a quick update about Apple and Qualcomm, question whether Android is a dead end as Remix OS reaches end of life, and finish with some new iOS 11 emojis.

12: Get off my (app) lawn!

We moved our hosting to Libsyn and even got a refund (thank you Twitter)! which got us talking about audio, ads platforms and how come Google isn't pushing into Podcasts as promised.
Also, we discussed the rumors about Apple struggling with Software for the next iPhones, and about the pricing speculations. Some more impressions on the latest iOS 11 beta and how we want Apple to copy Android's notification system, apps, Windows Phone and MacBook Pros.


  • AirPods


11: What are these sad melting people?

Nathan finally gets AirPods!
We discuss the strange rumors around Touch ID's removal and the adoption of biometrics face recognition instead. Also, we talk about the new hotness in the Android world, why Samsung is bringing back the Note 7 as the FE and about OnePlus cheating on benchmarks.

10: Flashbacks, Apple Maps and AR

Greg and Nati take out tech pundits who mistake their use case for everyone's use case, in regards to the iPad, discuss Qualcomm's demo of under the screen Ultrasonic under the screen fingerprint, And dive in iOS 11's new AppStore and ARKit strategy in comparison to Google's and Microsoft's. Also, we reminisce about the iPhone on its 10th anniversary.

Follow up:


  • The new iOS 11 AppStore
    • First impressions.
    • Editorial over algorithmic - Search is last.
    • Can Apple actually have per market editorial and content?
    • HUGE deal.
  • The iPhone's 10th anniversary
    • Some iPhone flashbacks
    • The Jailbreaking scene after 10 years.

Episode 9: The iPad Pro gets a ProMotion

Greg is blown away by the new 10.5" iPad Pro 120Hz screen and why it's OK for the iPad not to have force/3D Touch. We also discuss Apple's culture of secrecy, the stories behind the first iPhone as Tony Fadell makes a fool out of himself, while Scott Forstall reminds us why we liked him so much. And discuss the Android landscape through the lens of the Blackberry Keyone device.