Episode 80: I refuse to get a superior experience

Nati's wooden roof is making some noise, and Greg is moving to a new house which is why we have pre-recorded this episode in which we talk about why the sound quality is important to us, Apple Music coming to the Alexa ecosystem and what makes Apple Music/ content different from other Apple services.

Also, we discussed about Microsoft's new attempts at a skinny OS and browsers.

Episode 79: 5G all the things! with special guest Matteo Doni

We are joined by Matteo Doni who tells us all about 5G, what it will bring and why it will matter in about 4 year time... Also we talked about Google's messaging service hurdles and why they push RCS, and touch a bit about Tumbler's decision to block adult content.

In addition, Matteo talks about his appearance on Sputnik, Greg tells how many Star Trek movies he saw, and Nati makes a Houdini trick and vanishes.

Episode 78: Bitten by a British spider

Greg's shoulder is doing fine and he is hammering on the best micro-podcast named Greg Morris while Nati gets back from a(nother) working trip, this time in -12. 

Nati got his Apple Watch Series 4, so we talk a bit about getting used to the size and all of the complications and follow-up on the iPhone X🅁 sales as Apple claims that it's the best selling model. 

Also, we talk about Twitter, work-life balance and changing the world.
In addition, what does iOS 12's adoption rate imply and what is the Pixel Slate for?

Episode 77: You don't sound Russian mate

Greg goes head to head with Tom Warren's tweet that ignited Twitter, as Nati argues that tech reviewers have turned too techie for most of the people, with regards to the discussion about the place of the iPad in the world.

Also, we talk about iPhone supply chain rumors that question the potential success of the iPhone X🅁, as the iPhone line has become very and even perhaps too expensive, which creates a problem especially in emerging markets like India.

Episode 76: A tight race to the bottom of privacy

Greg ponders about his podcasts listening habits, as both of our hosts agree that they need to diverge a bit with their podcast flavors.

Nati takes Greg through the latest turnaround in the Apple - Qualcomm battle, as it seems that Qualcomm is losing some of the latest rounds. Also, we discuss about Google's latest Night Sight tech that comes to the Pixel devices - which is quite incredible.

Lastly, we discuss who is the worst company in terms of privacy: Google or Facebook, and why.

Episode 75: What's a professional?

Nati tells Greg about his weird dream about being late to recording, and also how he enjoyed Maniac on Netflix. Greg, which was late to recording the podcast, gets his personal podcast on iTunes.

We also talk about the new iPad Pro, as Greg gives his thoughts about the future of computing, whether the iPad still falls between the Notebook and the smartphone, and his worries that Apple will over-complicate the iPad.

In addition, Nati explains to Greg why Apple will stop revealing unit sales and how it actually makes sense


  • iPad Pro thoughts

    • General thoughts about reviews

  • Any update on Apple Watch repair?

    • An insight into Apple's replacement operations

    • 5.1.1 launched to combat issues


Episode 74: A Batman Sport Loop

Nati got an Apple Watch Series 4 but there's a catch... & Greg is recovering from his shoulder surgery.

But it doesn't stop us from discussing all of the new things (well the things that interest us) that Apple introduced at their 2nd Autumn keynote. So we talked about MacBook Air and how it fits in Apple's confusing laptop line, the new cool iPads and how everything is more expensive.


No Follow-up this week 🙌


Episode 73: Make the iPhone black again

MKBHD's performance at the Joe Rogan show kickstarts our thoughts about YouTuber personas and YouTube clickbait. Also, due to Greg's upcoming surgery, Nati reflects about his OR experiences. 

Then we dive into iPhone X🅁, as the reviews are out towards its launch which triggers a mini-rant over camera comparisons. In addition, Nati is excited about the option for a new iPad Mini which could be coming as early as next week.

Episode 72: Hide and seek user interface

Nati is podcasting from his shadeless office absorbing the morning sun, while Greg sits in an overly illuminated office which is out of his iPhone XS control.

But all of this doesn’t stop us from talking about Google’s decision to start charging Android manufacturers for using the Play Store and bundled apps in the EU, Speculate about the performance of the iPhone XR (which Nati can’t stop calling ex - ar) sale performance as the device’s pre-orders begin, and ding into the rumour mill about the new iPad Pro devices, as Apple finally sends invitations to a 2nd fall event.

In addition, we followed-up on the Apple vs Bloomberg, Chinese spy story, and the Google Pixel 3 screen corner radius which is being adjusted via software.

Episode 71: Jony Ive would just die if he'd see it 🤦‍♂️

This week we talked about Google's Hardware event in which they unveiled the Pixel: Phone and slate and also the Google Home Hub.

We went diving into Google's strategy with the Pixel phones, how come they are not given for free, the move from a commodity Nexus device into a Pixel premium device, why the Pixel devices don't matter,  and why giving users the option to hide the (HUGE) notch is a non-design choice.

Also, we discussed about Android's failure outside of the smartphone market which brings Google to push Chrome OS on PC's and tablets, why there is no cellular option for the Pixel Slate, the baffling configuration options, the camera-less Google Home Hub, and will Apple also showcase a home device with a screen.


  • Google event

    • Pixel 3

      • This is also a ridiculous price

      • One main two different devices although the similar spec

      • Better screens

      • Lots fo software improvements not rolled out to other devices

      • Scratches too easily! #scratchgate

    • Pixel Slate

      • Runs Chrome OS not Android

      • This is ridiculously priced!

      • A desktop browser on a tablet is a positive

      • Uses Android Apps - a small number of tablet apps

Episode 70: Capitalist meditation 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️

Nati managed to persuade Greg to install iOS 12.1 beta 2, luring him with new Emoji but also solving the iPhone XS charging issue. Also, we talked about messaging services, and why Nati secretly hoped for iMessage to win over WhatsApp, why Telegram cannot overtake WhatsApp and iOS 12's super fast adoption rate - surpassing iOS 11, already.

In addition, we dived into conspiracies of Chinese spies planting super Sci-Fi chips in servers, why Apple reacted so strongly to the Bloomberg report and the crossfire Apple and tech companies are feeling from the US-China "Cold war".

Also, Microsoft's new Surface line-up going with Matte Black all the things, and how Microsoft has fully embraced Android ans the mobile OS companion to Windows.

Episode 69: Selfies with the meteor

Greg refuses to admit he is back from his vacation, in which everyone (not Greg) around him was on their mobile phones. Also, Greg comes back to logging workouts on his newApple Watch, which makes us ponder what should be credited as workouts and what not.

BUT... the main focus is on all of the shiny new things Greg got, so we dive into the iPhone XS, the new GATES surrounding it, and why Nati is not going to upgrade to the iPhone XS. We also talk about the Apple Watch Series 4 and why Israel is not a 1st world country.

In addition, we talk Shortcuts and why it makes total sense to ship the iPhone XR later on.


Follow Up



Episode 68: Take my kidney Apple

We talked about the things that we found interesting in the Apple September event in the usual BYOD style, but not before we update on the status of Greg’s mobile devices and talk about the most important thing that happened in the last week - Google killing off Inbox 😂



Follow Up



Episode 67: I try to escape and you drag me back in

Nati is dragging Greg back into the technology realm, as we discuss what is the potential of Apple Pencil support on the iPhones, how we use 3D Touch and how it is similar to the Note's S-Pen.

Also, we touch about some iPhone and Watch rumors which include pricing, marketing names, what benefits would a bigger screen Watch actually bring and if Apple will introduce new AirPods.

Episode 66: I like AirPower is now a verb

Greg gets a Note 9, so Nati has to grill him on the choice of his new Android device, as we discuss why Greg finds Android exciting, the experience with Bixby, how the Note 9 handles dual-SIM and more.

We also talk about why Twitter eventually wins, and what the heck is about to happen with the 2018 iPhone line in terms of the marketing, prices and everything else.

Follow Up

  • Greg’s social followup: Twitter, Mastodon, and Micro.Blog


Episode 65: The followup has taken over the show

We started talking about Twitter as a followup, which stretched for an hour before we even mentioned tech (per se).

During our Twitter discussion, we talked about should companies decide what's right and wrong in the news, what's wrong in today's discussions (hint: people are not listening), Twitter not taking responsibility for their actions and neglecting their app ecosystem, and whether new platforms like Mastodon or Micro.Blog are the answer. We also shared our Twitter usage philosophy.

Also, we also talked about Pencil support on the iPhone and what Apple should do with the iPad mini.



Episode 64: I have my skepticism hat on

Nati voluntarily talks Android, as we discuss the Note 9 Unpack event in which Samsung introduced the new Note 9, the new Galaxy Watch - which still uses Tizen and Exynos (instead of Google's WearOS and Qualcomm chips), and the new Galaxy Home speaker which looks like a barbecue grill.

In addition, we talk about the leaked Pixel 3 XL unboxing - which Greg thinks is fake - and how Apple is so ahead of Google in terms of hardware expertise, even after Google's massive investments in that area.

Also, some birthday stuff and Greg posses a very good thought experiment about the next iPhone line.


Episode: 63: The one trillion dollar drinking game with special guest George Chachanidze

George from Snappy-Tech (Chachanidze) joins us this week and reveals the origins of Snappy-Tech, keyboard shortcuts when having a Windows PC, a Mac, and a Chrome OS devices, his Huawei P20 Pro that triggers Greg's Trypophobia.

We also talk about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, Apple earnings, and the rumors about the next iPad Pro devices and how will they impact the iPad sales.

Episode 62: I just like shiny new stuff with special guest Russell Holly

Greg decides to do a proper podcast introduction for our special guest: Russell Holly, who joins us to talk about things he is interested about, multi-platform usage, how the Apple Watch changed his life in the last 3 years and the magic of the 3 ring system.

We also talk about the MacBook Pro throttle-gate controversy, The EU's fine against Android, and what is the deal with project Fuchsia

Special Guest: Russel Holly


Follow Up


Episode 61: The buzzword group

Greg complains about Carphone Warehouse that stole his money before we compare summer conditions in Israel and the UK.

We tried to find some positive things with the new MacBook Pros - a solid upgrade - that continues the controversies around the MacBook Pro line, and how messy is Apple's entire laptop line.

In addition, we talked about the iPhone line front glass leaks,  John Giannandrea taking over Apple's AI/ML and Siri teams as the last Siri co-founder leaves Apple, and Huawei's ambitions to become the world's 2nd biggest smartphone manufacturer.