Episode 109: The timelines came through

Nati manipulates greg to talk about Qualcomm, before we talk about iPhone names, agree that "Pro" is not suitable for iPhones, and talk about Apple's brands.

We also talk about the options that Titanium and Ceramic bring to the Apple Watch, What is the best foldable smartphone form factor, critical thinking and objectivity even about beloved brands and products as a whole, and some iOS 13 beta 7 updates.

Episode 107: It's a fluffy dragon

This week we rant about Mail.app on iOS 13 beta, video streaming geographic restrictions, Apple earnings, the issue with the current iPhone line and smartphone price elasticity.

In addition Nati is filled with sudden awe for the iPad Pro, macOS Catalina's new security impacts 3rd party software, cloud services and the Pixel 4 gimmicks.

Episode 105: A Japanese garden in the hospital

This week we followed up with some MacBook stuff, before going into Apple's defensive moves in podcasts, podcasts getting shorter, media subscriptions, emoji and some iOS 13 beta 4.

We also babaled about camera equipment, watching TV together, and gaming.

Episode 104: Building MacBooks in the desert

This week, Greg removes the metal plates from his shoulder, retiring from his cyborg gig. Also, we talked the future of cyborg humanity, iOS 13 beta 3 take 2.

We also talk the new MacBook refresh, using the iPad Pro instead of a mobile computing, iPad plus external displays, the 10.2" iPad rumours, Face ID, and Sony.

Episode 103: I can't control myself

Greg and Nati talk about read receipts in messaging apps, FOMO and "quick reply" anxiety in the context of real interaction vs virtual interactions. We also talk about people moving the responsibility of using tech devices to the manufacturers.

In addition, iOS 13 beta 3, using an iPad Pro with a keyboard, why did Apple move to the butterfly mechanism, and what will "Desktop class browser" do the iPads apps.

Episode 102: The glue product manager

Greg doesn’t give a shit that Jony Ive has left Apple, so Nati tries to bore him with discussing Ive’s departure.

We also talk about English weather, Apple management, Huawei's Android issues, being a product manager and what the hell is the difference between UI and UX.

Episode 101: A dodgy software known as iPadOS with Special Guest Andy Nicolaides

Andy joins us via an iPad mini to talk about iOS 13 beta 2 experiences,  3D Touch going away on iPhone rumours, Apple iOS 13 sherlocking, using the new Reminders app, and Apple Watch independence paths.

Also, we touched on the subject of Google exiting the tablet market.

Episode 98: A rivalry I'm taking very seriously with Special Guest Matt Birchler

Nati gets a raise! But more importantly, we have Matt Birchler that joins us to talk about Apple Watch and watchOS: How we manage our Apple Watch, what could a stand-alone Watch App Store look like, and why we all could have some days off in the activity app.

Special Guest: Matt Birchler


Show Notes:

Episode 97: Eric Schmidt In A Hole with special guest Christopher Lawley

Greg and Nati talk from the future with Christopher Lawley about who is more likely to destroy the world between Google or Facebook, The US vs the rest of the world.

Also, we talk iPad, files vs apps paradigms, iOS 13 rumors, what was our 1st Apple product and iPad keyboards.

Episode 96: Even Satya Nadella fell asleep during the keynote

Progress is bad as it finds ways to make you work more!
But no one cares, so we talked about Google i/o 2019, The Pixel 3a, Google Nest Home Hub Max, and Google's entrance into Privacy.

Also, we talked about Mark Gurman's iOS 13 mega-leak, focusing on the iPhone, the updates to the native apps, and dark mode.

Episode 94: Apple keyboard plus

Greg does(nt) want to buy a Galaxy Fold & Nati tries not to work from home.

We talk about folding smartphones, problematic company cultures and the difference between hardware quality and software quality.
Also, we talked about the Apple Watch as an authentication tool, its design and finished with some headphones and privacy.

Episode 93: Enough politics, you got an iPhone Max

Greg tells about his journey from the iPhone SE to an iPhone XS Max as we discuss our iPhone size preference before we got into the iOS 13 rumors, which raised the simplicity of iOS vs the sophistication of MacOS as the iPad evolves, and which of the rumors gets us excited.

We also talked a bit about Apple-Qualcomm and the Galaxy Fold.

Episode 92: Are these Powerbeats Pro in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me?

This week we talked about Disney, Netflix, and some content questioning if Disney+ will be a channel on the Apple TV+ app.
Nati gives a rant about Apple ditching their plans to open an Apple Store in Israel, and Greg buys AirPods 2 so we talk about them and the Powerbeats Pro.

For dessert, we talked a bit about Marzipan and breaking down iTunes.

Episode 91: Who's the baby now?

 This week we talked about our interest in the new Apple services that were announced in the March 2019 event, a bit about the event itself, how come Apple doesn't follow it's own guidelines, Apple's asymmetric competition with Spotify, the difference between Apple's services business model, AirPower's death and the 2nd generation AirPods.

Episode 90: You should pirate it and buy it afterwards

Greg signs up for a 24h run to raise money for charity. Nati watched Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and loved it so much that he tries to persuade Greg to Pirate it now and buy it later.

In addition, Nati learned how to use his iPad Pro and we talked about folding phones, the Apple Watch, and ponder if Apple should start making smart home appliances.

Now we are on the 90th episode 🥳