Latest episodes:

Episode 109: The timelines came through

Nati manipulates greg to talk about Qualcomm, before we talk about iPhone names, agree that "Pro" is not suitable for iPhones, and talk about Apple's brands.

We also talk about the options that Titanium and Ceramic bring to the Apple Watch, What is the best foldable smartphone form factor, critical thinking and objectivity even about beloved brands and products as a whole, and some iOS 13 beta 7 updates.

Episode 108: I don't want to be like Harry Potter with a stylus

This week we talk about Apple Card's features as tools to manage household/personal budget, opinions and responsibilities.

Also, we talked about the Note 10 that Greg bought, Nati's mixed feeling about Samsung, what will make an iPhone worth the PRO moniker, and iPad Pros with multi-cameras.

Episode 107: It's a fluffy dragon

This week we rant about on iOS 13 beta, video streaming geographic restrictions, Apple earnings, the issue with the current iPhone line and smartphone price elasticity.

In addition Nati is filled with sudden awe for the iPad Pro, macOS Catalina's new security impacts 3rd party software, cloud services and the Pixel 4 gimmicks.

Episode 106: Would you buy it if it had 5G?

Greg got an iMac Pro and Nati broke his iPhone X back 😔.

We also talked about cameras becoming the main feature in modern smartphones, Apple acquiring Intel's modem business, Siri's human contractors that are listening to audio snippets and BWM charging $80 for CarPlay.

Episode 105: A Japanese garden in the hospital

This week we followed up with some MacBook stuff, before going into Apple's defensive moves in podcasts, podcasts getting shorter, media subscriptions, emoji and some iOS 13 beta 4.

We also babaled about camera equipment, watching TV together, and gaming.