Latest episodes:

Episode 101: A dodgy software known as iPadOS with Special Guest Andy Nicolaides 

Andy joins us via an iPad mini to talk about iOS 13 beta 2 experiences,  3D Touch going away on iPhone rumours, Apple iOS 13 sherlocking, using the new Reminders app, and Apple Watch independence paths.

Also, we touched on the subject of Google exiting the tablet market.

Episode 100: That's what it's all about - Gizmos!

Summer is here! Which means that Greg and Nati crappy iOS 13 beta 1 bugs, hot weather and Shortcuts.

Also, we talked about Huawei delaying the Mate X, and building their own OS, mapping services and HomeKit.

Episode 99: Get me that profile

Nati has 3 out of his 4 Apple devices (not counting the HomePod) running on a beta and Greg has 2 out of a lot of Apple devices running on a beta, so we talked watchOS 6, iOS 13 and iPadOS (13?) betas trying to go where no podcast has gone before.

Episode 98: A rivalry I'm taking very seriously with Special Guest Matt Birchler

Nati gets a raise! But more importantly, we have Matt Birchler that joins us to talk about Apple Watch and watchOS: How we manage our Apple Watch, what could a stand-alone Watch App Store look like, and why we all could have some days off in the activity app.

Episode 97: Eric Schmidt In A Hole with special guest Christopher Lawley

Greg and Nati talk from the future with Christopher Lawley about who is more likely to destroy the world between Google or Facebook, The US vs the rest of the world.

Also, we talk iPad, files vs apps paradigms, iOS 13 rumors, what was our 1st Apple product and iPad keyboards.