Latest episodes:

Episode 57: Not everyone had the dark theme memo

We talk about Nati's visit to London, and to the Facebook developer game summit. Nati also bought a HomePod so of course, we have to talk about it...

In addition, we talk about USB-C on iPhones, USB-C as a whole and wireless charging. Also, new Watches, Apple's recent habit of announcing products too soon, and some iOS/watchOS/ macOS beta experience.


Episode 56: Even My Dog Doesn’t Know He’s A Dog

A trippy start to the show discusses our intent to move to FaceTime, names, and logos of products and brands, and what would have happened if Apple kept its original logo, and what if Apple's next endeavor is cyders.

We jump to talk about Nati's trip to the UK for a Facebook developer summit and dive into platforms, AI and ML, and the way that education is transforming in the age of information.
Then, we talk about the Mac and the iPad - should or could they get updated more often, and why there is a place for both devices.


Episode 55: I was expecting and one more thing: iOS dark mode

The WWDC show!
Greg and Nati talk about the subjects they cared about from the WWDC keynote and announcements. 


Episode 54: A reality slap to the face

Greg gives a few hints about a secretive new job interview, just before we announce that we WON'T GIVE ANY WWDC PREDICTIONS. However, each shares something he wants to see, and a wild thing that won't happen.

We also talk a bit about GDPR, what a massive headache it is, and why most companies are not GDPR compliant. In addition, we talk a bit about the Apple Watch, Essential's rumored demise and the rumors about the 2019 iPhone line screen tech.


Episode 53: Beaten up by a 6 year old with special guest Daryl Baxter

Daryl Baxter joins us again, to tell how it's going with the Outpost podcast as Nati tricks Daryl and Greg to talk about the iPad instead of Google. We also talk about the iPhone SE rumors, computing and biometrics and what the heck is going on with Twitter and 3rd party clients.