Latest episodes:

Episode 116: Expect some more impressions in another form

Greg gives his impressions of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, in Samsung's London concept store.

We also talked about Made by Google event, the Pixel 4, Google and Amazon taking over the smart home via routers while Apple exited the router market, the Chromebook Go, and the rumored AirPods Pro. 

Episode 115: There are sane people out there

Greg tries to sell his Galaxy Note 10, and we both end up talking about our iPhone 11 Pro.

We also talk about upgrading to Catalina, some impressions (spoiler: it's fine) and how Apple could have made the transition better.

Also, the Essential Gem weird take on the smartphone use case, The Google Pixelbook Go leak and iOS 13.2 beta 2. 

Episode 114: PowerPoint is cool man!

Greg's Powerbeats Pro are broke, and Nati gets an iPhone 11 Pro.

So we talked about our iPhone 11 Pro impressions, what the heck is Deep Fusion now that it's available in 13.2 beta 1, and iPhones cameras.

Also, we talked about the Microsoft Surface event and mainly about the Neo and Duo.

Episode 113: I don't like those watch-y watch faces

Greg returns to be Nati's blue bubble buddy, AND a 4 out of 5 Apple device Pro!

We talked about Greg's impressions from the Series 5 Apple Watch and watchOS 6, the iPhone 11 Pro, missing 3D Touch, and our initial impression of Apple Arcade.

Episode 112: The Apple Christmas

This week we talked about the Apple September event, in the order of the things that Greg is interested in them/ likely to buy.

We also tried to answer why does the iPad Air exist in a world with the new iPad, will Apple Arcade become an incentive for Apple TVs, with what does Apple TV+ compete, and is the iPhone Pro actually "Pro."